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#spreadthecheer – UK Tweets Disagree

One would have thought that Starbucks would have learnt from the #McDStories debacle. This time the #spreadthecheer campaign backfired as people protested the tax dodging techniques of Starbucks in the UK where the company rigged expenses to offshore monies so they paid an astonishing 0.17 % in taxes.

Apparently the company had a display at Natural History Museum in London with the hashtag search. Ooops. People were rightfully eager to remind the company to pull the corporate weight.

@StarbucksUK has seemingly deleted any reference to the campaign from their twitter account.


2 Responses to “#spreadthecheer – UK Tweets Disagree”

  1. Melissa Castle says:

    I think it’s great when things like this happen. The more ways big corporations are held accountable, the better, and by their customers no less. This isn’t government giving them a slap on the wrist, it’s customers giving them a slap in the face. As much as Starbucks probably likes to think it has a flock of loyal sheep that will buy their coffee over others, there is more and more competition in the coffee biz all the time. That combined with the local movement, could spell trouble for a big company.

  2. textureweb says:

    A lesson to be learned indeed Melissa. Social can bring down governments such as we saw in the Arab Spring. Can it affect multinationals? At some point it might.