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The Good and Bad of Milk

Recently a friend on Facebook shared a photo. Turns out the photo is part of a larger contest from Farmers Dairy.

I am one of those brand loyalists with my milk and Farmers is not my dairy brand, having been raised on Scotsburn. Turning to Facebook to see how the two stack up I noticed a big difference.

I should mention that these companies both joined Facebook in 2012.

The amount of likes is non-comparable. The complete absence of any posts or brand interaction on Scotsburn is more than likely for the reason they have at present only 30 likes compared to the over 8,000 for Farmers. These are local dairys. These compete in the same market. What else makes the difference besides posts and being in peoples news feeds? These two pages say it all about proper page management when you compare the two:

  • Photo posts
  • Contests
  • Questions and polls
  • Feedback and interaction with posts
  • Product shots with a local amateur appeal
  • Did I mention posts?
  • Proper use of cover photo – brand not product only
  • Radio tie-ins
  • Product announcements
  • Swag
  • Historic Photos
  • Profile picture that is viewable and recognizable
  • One language titled Page, not bilingual on a uni-lingual platform (make two if need be)
  • Proper Vanity URL.

Folks, this is definitely a lesson in what to do and not do (do not do nothing). It’s 2012. I would think that Scotsburn would have gotten how to use Facebook by now. This might be enough for me to switch brands after 46 years. Why? It shows that perhaps Scotsburn Dairy doesn’t really care what thier customers think. Hence the void.

Over to you Betsy. “Mooooo”

Scotsburn Dairy on Facebook

Farmers Dairy on Facebook