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Carefully Posting to YouTube

I chose this title for today’s blog entry as I had a whack of videos to post to YouTube, but noted to do so with care.  During the posting process you should remember to tie them to a category if you want to have them indexed. Also it is handy to create a playlist of the videos so that you can more or less group them together. The big point however is that by default, if you post the videos as public, ouTube – being part of the Google network of companies – will want to post them to your Google+ account. Even if you think you did not create one, you have one by getting a YouTube, gmail or Google account.

In this instance I did not want to share the videos and also wanted to use YouTube in this instance to host the files. The files were grouped into a playlist to be called from a website and also marked as unlisted, so unless you have the URL you won’t see it. Also I did not want the videos showing up on Google+ so the unlisted status dropped that.

Now if only YouTube would have a smoother upload process. Lags, fails and failure of the playlist tagging was rife in my efforts today. Sigh.

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