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Dragging Out the Drag and Drop

facebook drag photo

Facebook finally added a feature that is way over due. Drag and drop photos. How long since that feature was active on YouTube for videos? A year, maybe more? This feature also allows to upload more than one, delete them from the post and have a preview. I do wish that the next roll out would see that the photo was shrunk so that I could see more of what it was. Typically I use screen grab on my mac which will then name the file depending on the day an time so if I have a lot, they all start out with Screen shot... which can be confusing.

WordPress also updated the platform earlier this month or late last year. Now that is a drag and drop feature that I do not like. I am a fan of the DnD process, but WordPress does not give me the intuitive path to post the photo in the manner I wish – center, links etc. Nor does it do a great job at dealing with using a photo as a feature image either. I have to get out and then back into the media screen to do this.

YouTube to me still does the best job of Dnding however it would be nice to allot the videos to a playlist or Dnd them into one.

My points today is that while Drag and Drop is a great tool, make sure you do it right. Facebook has no mention of how to do this other than on screen help. I am thinking they are assuming that users of Facebook are not digitally challenged. I would say that is a falicy as the majority of users have base skills and the idea of not having your browser open full and dragging a photo into Facebook is probably still a challenge.

Am I wrong? What do you think. In the meantime I am going to start practicing with the photos on my fridge, dragging and dropping them on the freezer door.