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Like and Comment this Post

like post interactionIt’s far easier to like a post than comment is it not? Think about a friend posting a picture. How often do you comment as opposed to simply liking it to let them know you appreciate the post.

Now think about posting as a Facebook page admin. When you post something you are more often to get a like than a comment. Take that one step further. Ask for a like to a post to get some traction or simply to better understand fan wants and needs will return more than 200% return increase in interaction than not. Momentus Media released these numbers in a study in 2011, but the numbers are more than not, likely the same or higher.

Another point to note is that comments are not as high as simple likes. That seems also a no brainer. Back to the start of this article – some just want to ‘vote’ with affinity to a post with a like.

Here are some recent posts asking for likes and comments that came into my feed and piqued my thoughts on this:

like post 1 like post 2

One thing to note is that although your interaction will be higher, do not expect to get a full picture of your fan base as the rate of response is still lower than 1%. Still not high enough perhaps to get a true picture on the total fan base, but then again those who do interact are the ones who you reach and speak to the most.