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Neato Entertainment Needs You. And You Need It.

Michael-Andreas Kuttner of Neato Entertainment is looking for TV viewers to test his Android application that is designed to replace remotes for a Smart TV and to minimize commercials. (Photo Cred: Halifax Chronicle Herald)

Michael-Andreas Kuttner of Neato Entertainment (Photo Cred: Halifax Chronicle Herald)

Neato Entertainment is a Halifax based company television production aficionado  Michael-Andreas Kuttner, otherwise known in the fair city as M-A. Kuttner is a self described “Recovering TV producer. Interface designer, digital media strategist and these days, maker of Interactive TV.”

Neato is in an alpha mode (my description) of a product which will be available for free for initially Android platform devices. The unnamed app will allow one to control smart televisions using the standard interface of your real remote (wait – which one – I have like 10 floating around not counting the ones eaten by the dog under the couch). Sounds interesting, but the real catch is that with a smart tv, one can bring in the web and web apps right? So this app will detect commercials when they start and minimize the broadcast to allow you to bring in associated show content, or other content that you may want to view such as your Facebook news feed, or better yet – this here blog.

I hope to be able to have a first hand crack at testing this next month and will let you folks know what I think.

Neato plans to open it to the public in a controlled-release mid 2013 with a full release in 2014. If this product flies, will it affect advertising? It certainly makes the case for making online advertising more important than broadcast. If the ads on the broadcast can work like shazam and bring up associated web content or the ads shown in the product are associated with the ad stream, then that might be an idea as well.