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Toasted: Dempsters Partners with Dee

Dempsters Bread partnered in a very unique and funny way with comedian and actor Gerry Dee. Dee, a Canadian will also benefit from this, having just released a new book. The campaign involves Dee working at a juice bar where there is a supposed promotion on added vitamins to the juice. Customers are duped in a Candid Camera fashion to
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Extreme (Obscene) Outsourcing

According to the Verizon security blog released on the 14th, but now only available in a cache, an interesting security problem was uncovered last year at an unnamed critical infrastructure company in the US. The company only recently had started to actively monitor VPN connections for thier network on a daily basis. Upon doing so, they found a VPN connection from
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Dragging Out the Drag and Drop

Facebook finally added a feature that is way over due. Drag and drop photos. How long since that feature was active on YouTube for videos? A year, maybe more? This feature also allows to upload more than one, delete them from the post and have a preview. I do wish that the next roll out would see that the photo
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Open Mobile Apps in the Native Program.

Open applications for iTunes, Google Play and Blackberry App World in the native program is pretty straight forward. You have to know what the item is that you are looking for to link to. If you are not a developer of an app and just want to link to them but also have them open in the native program such
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posting on Youtube and google plus

Carefully Posting to YouTube

I chose this title for today’s blog entry as I had a whack of videos to post to YouTube, but noted to do so with care.  During the posting process you should remember to tie them to a category if you want to have them indexed. Also it is handy to create a playlist of the videos so that you
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America Still in Love with Television

According to a Nielsen’s U.S. Consumer Usage Report 2012, nearly 120 million people within television homes own four or more TV sets. Unit Ownership: Interesting that the penetration is high on HD but this reflects the ongoing decline in cost of entry for panel televisions. An emerging story here is the smart televisions – here labelled as Internet-enabled TVs. These
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The End of Social Media

From the Joy of Tech on Geek Culture. Made my day.

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[Report] It’s a Social World: Top 10 Need-to-Knows About Social Networking and Where It’s Headed

By comScore With the widespread adoption of the Internet around the world came the rise of social networking as a global phenomenon. In March 2007, Social Networking as a category had a global audience of less than 500 million users, representing just 56 percent of the world’s online population. In those days, as Thomas Friedman put it, “‘Twitter’ was a
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VOIP via Facebook in Canada Market

In 2011, Facebook launched its video calling services using Skype as its technology partner which allows one to one calling using a Skype Rest API. Now Facebook has chosen Canadian users to beta test a new mobile feature with VOIP (voice over internet protocol) that enables free calls over a wireless network rather than the  costly mobile data plans. Facebook’s
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A close up of Halifax and Dartmouth NS in the Census Dotmap.

One Dot for You, One Dot for Me.

Continuing our map theme. Brandon Martin-Anderson (who works with cartography, multimodal trip planning, and computational urban planning at the MIT Media Lab) developed what he calls the Census Dotmap which is a map of every person counted by the 2010 US and 2011 Canadian censuses. The map has 341,817,095 dots – one for each person. Wow. What a lot of
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