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Toasted: Dempsters Partners with Dee



Dempsters is smartly using Facebook to advertise the promotion.

Dempsters Bread partnered in a very unique and funny way with comedian and actor Gerry Dee. Dee, a Canadian will also benefit from this, having just released a new book.

The campaign involves Dee working at a juice bar where there is a supposed promotion on added vitamins to the juice. Customers are duped in a Candid Camera fashion to buy into some more added vitamins. Dee adds a slice of bread and points out the value of the slice in terms of vitamins. The message is clear of the product value, and the delivery is well classic. Comedy works hard for products in advertising.

In this case the ad is more of a short vignette and pushed through YouTube. Dempsters takes the reach of Facebook to further the effort. Bypassing traditional video (other wiser known as television) all together – to the best of my knowledge – this campaign hits a home run in terms of value for spend in terms of the program development.

By posting the video to Facebook, the video can not only be found on YouTube, but will come up in the newsfeed when someone sees the ad or a friend post and likes the page. This is an example of social entaglement if the phrase could be used. Pulling it on to twitter and other platforms can further feed the reach and buzz. At present the video is over 375,000 views in 10 days.

I was first made aware of the campaign because of a friend on Facebook liking the Facebook page,

Dempsters on: Facebook and YouTube