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Adobe Delivers Latest Innovations in HTML5 Web Tooling to Creative Cloud Members

Yesterday, Adobe announced the first public preview of Adobe® Edge Reflow, a new responsive design tool for Web designers and developers creating websites and content for screens of virtually all sizes. In addition, new feature updates for Adobe Edge Animate, Adobe Dreamweaver® and Adobe Edge Code preview are now available. All announced product releases are available exclusively to Adobe Creative Cloud members.

Adobe Edge Reflow

Listen to the recording of Jacob Surber’s introduction of Edge Reflow.

Key benefits of Preview are:

  • Generate Responsive Layouts: With an intuitive UI and visual workspace, designers can easily create responsive layout. In addition, visual media query breakpoints allow users to visualize their designs for different screen sizes.
  • CSS3 Styling: Reflow offervs the features available via the latest CSS3 specs, allowing designers to create high-fidelity designs. Built on a native web surface, Reflow also provide designers the confidence that their vision will be realized.
  • Sharing & Previewing: Designers can either preview their work in the browser or on devices – in real time – via an integrated workflow with Edge Inspect. The CSS code can also be easily extracted for development use.

Adobe Edge Animate

The latest update to Edge Animate adds more expressive freedom with new CSS capabilities and enhanced text support, offering the following key feature updates:

  • Gradient Support: Users will now be able to style and animate elements using radial or linear gradients, using a new UI (no need to import heavy assets).
  • Edge Web Fonts Support: A new web font UI shows a live preview of fonts from the Edge Web Fonts service.
  • CSS Filter Support:  Blur, greyscale, sepia, brightness, contrast, hue-rotate, invert and saturate filters can now be added (only supported in Chrome, Safari, iOS 6, and BlackBerry 10).

Download the latest version of Edge Animate on the cloud. Get more information on the product site.

Check out the Edge Animate videos on Adobe TV

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

Exclusive new features are available for Creative Cloud members with updated Fluid Grid Layouts and integration with Edge Web Fonts.
Adobe Edge Code Preview

New features include CSS code hinting, native menus, and core editor enhancements for improved performance and usability. More on Adobe’s site about the Adobe Edge Code Preview.

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    It seemed to me that you have used both Adobe Flash Professional and Adobe Edge Animate. I’m studying in a university at the moment, and to complete the assignment that I had to do, I created a simple poll to find out, how users of Flash Professional can adapt to animating in Edge Animate. I have posted this request into about 18 forums, but nobody is responding to my poll (only 4 so far).

    I’d appreciate it a lot, if you answered this poll (12 questions)!


    Thank you!