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Facebook Page Insights Reporting Update

Facebook announced the following on February 22, 2013 which has me a little concerned.

As part of our ongoing investment in Page Insights we recently completed a comprehensive engineering audit of the product. During this audit, we uncovered bugs that impacted impression and reach reporting. We have confirmed that these issues impacted reporting only and not delivery. Ad Insights were not impacted by these bugs.

A page can live and die by it’s metrics and Facebook is falling pretty short on the bar of metrics when one looks at something like Google Analytics. Sure they are for different things, but come on. Facebook is becoming a must have for SME’s. To suggest that metrics are not important enough to be as deep as GA is, is not stepping up to the bar.

Facebook went on to comment, which of course is kinda moot. If its broken, of course your going to freaking fixt the thing. And fast. Call in the monkeys:

As soon as we found the bugs, our engineering team began work to resolve them as quickly as possible. We’re rolling out fixes beginning this morning and over the weekend.

The actual impact of the bugs will vary from Page to Page and day to day based on a number of factors such as when and how frequently you post. To see the overall impact, if any, on your individual Pages, we recommend looking at your organic, paid and viral reach and impressions for your Page and for your posts over the next few weeks, starting on Monday, February 25. Because these bugs impacted our logging systems we won’t be able to backfill Page Insights with historical data.

Overall, we expect most Pages to see:

  • Total reach to stay the same or increase for most Pages
  • An increase in paid reach if you ran News Feed ads
  • An increase or decrease in organic reach, depending on many factors such as the composition of your fan base, when and how often you post and your spending patterns
  • A change in metrics computed from reach and impressions, such as engagement rate and virality

Well thanks for that. But one should be sifting through the organic, paid, viral reach and impressions anyway. If you have page tabs, it is very reasonable to assume that the data on called in content used with GA to a page tab iframe is going to be a bit wonky because of this.

Facebook finished off with an estute customer language. Nice to know, but in the end shit happens. Data and programming are not perfect and someone was on the ball enough to spot the problem.

We know that accurate data is fundamental to building and improving your Facebook presence. We are taking this very seriously. We have already put a number of additional quality and verification measures in place to prevent future bugs and resolve them quickly if they arise.

We appreciate your patience and we are committed to constantly improving and investing in the quality of Page Insights.