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Keith’s Fails on Valentine’s Day

Alexander Keith’s asked on Facebook “Happy Valentine’s Day. Will you be sharing a Keith’s with someone special tonight?” on Valentine’s Day this year. I am not sure if the demographic they are reaching out to is particularly tied to having a cold one with someone special. Perhaps more of a wine variety? Interesting the comments that they got back in an obvious fail.

I would have said something more like “Happy Valentine’s Day to our fans. We love you as much as you love Alexander’s best” or even “Did you know that Alexander Keith was not only a brewer and a mayor, but someone who celebrated each Valentine’s Day with his beloved wife Dorothy? Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our Fans!“.<

When you ask a question, be prepared for the response. This means understanding what responses you might evoke out of your fans. Especially if they are big beer enthusiasts. Know your audience and understand how to best approach them. From the looks of this thread, perhaps they should use the page for meet and greet for the lonely fans.

Oh and have a great evening folks. Beers or not.

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