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Facebook Interaction Doesn’t Reflect Perceived Demographic

Parents magazine had a town hall of sorts with folks asking questions of VP Joe Biden through Facebook.

Some of the questions were

Does it make sense to provide armed guards for our schools like those that are provided for government buildings?

Do you believe that banning certain weapons in high capacity magazines will mean that law-abiding citizens will then become more after target to criminals?

Should parents who don’t have guns in their homes demand to know which of their children’s friends have guns in the homes?

Biden noted that he has the magazine but has “never heard anybody in parents magazine ask these kinds of questions, but i’m delighted to answer them.”

Very true. The customer base of the magazine might be mothers of young children, but does the magazine do a good job of covering issues that really matter to them? Ask Maddow points out, the questions and the content of the magazine seem to be from two totally different universes.