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Giving has It’s Own Rewards

An example of a promotion done right from a local pub.

An example of a promotion done right from a local pub.

By showing that your organization is a community caring one through donations to worthy causes, it is not only acceptable, but of excellent benefit of the donation program to encourage the amount that is given to charity based on page likes. Page likes over time will tailor off as people like the page to raise the monetary bar, and may only be there for that reason. The decrease in some of these likes over time however is OK as these are people who care not for your brand, but for the charity. The real diamond in the grass is the people who are liking the donation, the page and also the brand. It is those who you have an opportunity to covert at a future point with a sale.

Any program such as this should be promoted within the geographic target region. This may be through other forms of digital advertising, news or radio, and of course in store with poster promotions. The real effect is to get those who already like your page to help spread the word by sharing the news when you post about it on Facebook. Make sure that other support materials are ready to go on the same day as this post is made.Asking for donations up to a certain amount during a set time period such as “the month of X” sets parameters and shows the commitment.

If the amount of Likes on a page is under 500 and the total amount to be given is more than $500 then start the amount with the current amount of likes. For example if you have 487 Likes, upon campaign launch say:

“We are donating x amount for each page Like on our Facebook page to a total of $X.XX. To thank you who already Like us, we are counting you as well. Please help us spread the word by sharing this with your friends.”

This post would be accompanied with an image or photo that is related to the cause. Images on Facebook garner more awareness and therefore more likes. It is very important to interact and respond with a least a Like to comments about the donation program on Facebook. It is in the fashion of responding and Liking posts by fans of your page that the word reaches more people and helps with more likes and more awareness.

With regard to physical world materials, ensure that there is a QR code that can link to your page so that the power of mobile for in-store customers or readers will have easy same moment of time access to the Page. The QR code can also be utilized on the organizations corporate website which also must be heavily purposed during the campaign.

There are many examples of pages doing this. For a search result on this subject, visit http://bit.ly/YceiA2.

For info on QR Codes see Where do QR Codes Perform Best?. Also as a bonus tip today, use a trackable service like bit.ly to shorten your QR code. This will make a simpler output and also allow you to track it better.