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Matching Up Profile and Cover Photos in Facebook

I have been seeing a lot of mismatched cover and profile photos on pages where they owner wants the two images to integrate and wanted to review this as it has been some time since I have done that in an article called Facebook Image Measurements.

Lets start with a template. You can achieve this by doing a screen grab. Make sure that your browser is not zoomed for content and then paste or bring the file into Photoshop and start editing out the areas for the cover photo and the profile photo. It is going to look something like this. (You can save this image and delete the black area if you wish as well.

cover black


Now bring in the photo that you want to span the entire area on a layer underneath this one. Choose a photo that does not have a lot going on in the profile image area.


The area for the profile image is 180×180. This is NOT the area inside of the template or screengrab image. This is why images are mismatched. Choose an area equal distance of 180 x 180 around the profile image box. Here a 1px stroke is added so that you can see the area.

cover photo under


When that layer is cut and brought on top you can see how it overlays.

cover photo over

Create a new image and insert your logo over this image and save to post as your profile image. Again check that it is 180 x 180. Facebook will take care of it as a proper placement.


Now go back and create your cover photo. Select inside your template and create an image that is 851 x 315.


Now load them up and you should see this:

cover final

If the background on your profile image is a little too bright or dark depending on how you want to profile your logo, adjust it. It is more about keeping the continuance than the overall exposure levels. Again most will identify through your profile image, but coming to your page will also give that wow punch. And doing it right will show them how you shine.