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Are You a Twidiot?

twidiotsIf you really need a service to tell you not to tweet about things like how you hate your job or boss, then you are definitely ripe for being a twidiot – my coin for an idiot on twitter. One who fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down.

The website FireMe! attempts to measure the likelihood of your getting fired if your boss reads the tweet. Since the site is not even on a domain, hosted on a Leibniz Universität Hannover web server, this is something that apparently is targeted at younger twidiots – those in or just out of University.

A thesis project from Brazilian Ricardo Kawase, creator of FireMe! the project was started in June 2012 as a way to research online user social behavior. Kawase will present the research results at ACM Web Science 2013 Conference in May in Paris.
Research or not, it can be quite entertaining to see folks self destruct. The tweets are divided into four categories – Haters, Horrible Bosses, Sexual Intercourse and Potential Killers. While some can be downright ironic – stupid is as stupid does (Seriously about to kill everyone at work right now. Why is everyone so stupiddddddd), others can be a little disturbing – especially the amount of  ‘kill my boss’

Overall a fascinating look at just how stupid people can really be.