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Brand Slamming. Kijiji Style. Thanks Sears.

Thinking of using Kijiji to sell something? I have. I have also bought something off it. I love it. This time round however someone got a melon of a dishwasher from Sears and is using the platform to let you know what a piece of crap it is. Complete with service history.

Let this be a lesson for those corporations out there who continue to treat consumers like dirt. Wake up folks, the advent of social media and low cost selling platforms can work to create a shit-icanne around your brand. Indeed I first heard about this posting from my fair city through a couple of friends who had shared it online with some funny remarks.

If this is customer service, I wonder what the hell is in store for me when my Kenmore stove caves. Note that until now I had always shopped elsewhere. I got our new stove recently BECAUSE of the Sears reputation with handling service – said to be above par.

“Nope.  Can’t be a lemon until it’s been fixed 3 times” they say.  “It has been fixed 4 times”, says I.  “Nope.  The last 3 visits have been the same problem, so they only count as one”, says they. 

Guess how many customers Sears lost so far. Shudder to think and thank that I don’t have to handle this one.


Update: I had posted the link on the Sears Canada page. They were very quick to get back to me, however as you can read – it’s not my gig. Hopefully Sears will learn from this. The quick action on Facebook indicates a maybe.

sears on facebook


An Up Update: not pretty.