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Crafting a Creative Response

In South Africa, business practices in the advertising industry have clients create briefs for the agency. I say this as at first I was not sure what the process being described was. The following is from their post on Vemo. I found it to be not only interesting, but a great creative solution to spur business solutions. Think of RFPs that are put out or requests from clients in this country. Even digital solutions need to cut through the clutter and be more than another black and white word document. It doesn’t need to be paper either. A well designed RFP shows what a client can expect from your digital shop.

TBWA\ Hunt Lascaris is well established as an above-the-line agency, our clients were yet to be introduced to the wealth of talent that TBWA\ Design has to offer. So, to get our clients’ attention, we intercepted existing above-the-line briefs and used the physical advertising brief as our canvas. Instead of answering the brief in a traditional manner, we conceptualized various designs that captured the essence of the brands, then brought them to life using only the cardboard job bags and the briefs that were attached to them. We created intricate pieces of paper art, transforming our client’s briefs into multi-dimensional design pieces. We then sent our clients’ briefs back to them, proving that TBWA\ Design can do amazing things with their briefs. Our campaign was a huge success. The design studio received their first new brief from our client just 5 days later. Even more notably, new design work in the system rose by 450% within the first 6 weeks.

We Sent Their Briefs Back from TBWA South Africa on Vimeo.