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EdgeRank Esoterically Unravelled [INFOGRAPHIC]


PostRocket has created a couple of easy to understand infographic that aims to help you understand how newsfeed stories are delivered to users on Facebook. The advent of EdgeRank has some mathmatically challenged folks in marketing and elsewhere a bit lost. Remember – more see what you post than your timeline of posts. The majority of folks spend time on newsfeed and interacting with friends and page posts than on the actual page itself – heralding how pages are somewhat akin to a twitter profile. Brand pages are needed of course so that brands can reach out to newsfeeds. With a strong digital strategy you can get your brand pages viewed, however lets stick to the somewhat esoterical EdgeRank.

And yes it’s another one of those algorithm thingies.

postrocket-facebook-edgerank-infographic1 postrocket-facebook-edgerank-infographic