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“I don’t want to be engaged”

Sounds like that Newfoundland and Labrador government’s social media advisory train is off the track. First, opposition Gerry Rogers member was kicked out of the house because she would not apologize to Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Kathy Dunderdale for someone else’s Facebook posts on the group Kathy Dunderdale must GO!!!. Rogers says she was added to the group without her knowledge. Facebook used to allow a member to add friends to a group without their permission.  The governing Progressive Conservatives said the Facebook group had someone post an alleged death threat against Dunderdale.

So first the premier asks someone to apologize for another persons post. Be that other person from Newfoundland or Timbuktu. Then the premier says that public figures should “exercise caution when it comes to who they follow or friend”. Then the CBC reported that Dunderdale was “following an X-rated account which promotes pornographic videos.”

So does she then explain that she does not manage the account, or that it could happen to anyone. Nope. That would be akin to saying that someone could be made a member of a Facebook group withouth thier knowledge. What she does do is just shut down her account. And this is the statement that just has me wondering WTF:

I have taken the position personally that I don’t want to be engaged”

Dunderdale’s decision to close the Twitter account would be something that though reeks of suspision (though I seriously doubt it was an intentional follow of the porn account) it really is not going to be missed by her 5,400 followers. The last time the account was used was  on July 25, 2012. Over 9 months ago.

See why I think that the government needs some proper advice in social media? You don’t say that you understand social media but you wont engage with your electorate through Twitter. You don’t say you understand Facebook then call out someone for a third party’s action. You don’t leave a Twitter account dead for 9 months. Not when you are in office. Not when your product is you.

And certainly not when your job is to be responsible to the electorate.

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