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Mobile Marketing. Get With It. [Infographic]

Look folks the idea of mobile as an advertising is ridiculous. I mean who uses a phone to shop. The only time I use a phone to shop is with the shopping channel. Or so goes the thinking of those who diss mobile marketing. I believe it is those who are afraid or do not understand newish (come on mobile
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Is Your Brand Afraid of Comments? Engage.

How is it that some are still not understanding the value of social media to their bottom line. Could it be that these companies are afraid to engage customers or have to face consumer comments?Perhaps this more traditional explanation of how important it is to be involved might help – if not directly then as an acedote to help those
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Are You a Twidiot?

If you really need a service to tell you not to tweet about things like how you hate your job or boss, then you are definitely ripe for being a twidiot – my coin for an idiot on twitter. One who fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down. The website FireMe! attempts to
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The Road to Social Involvement

Last week I had the chance to participate in the forum regarding a local infrastructure topic. The CBC was hosting a forum and it was webcast as well as carried on the radio and the snippet of when I spoke at the 30:30 minute mark made it on the news. While not all digital in nature, the reason I came
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