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The Road to Social Involvement

Last week I had the chance to participate in the forum regarding a local infrastructure topic. The CBC was hosting a forum and it was webcast as well as carried on the radio and the snippet of when I spoke at the 30:30 minute mark made it on the news. While not all digital in nature, the reason I came to be on this program was a friend reaching out to me through Facebook.

Actually not only do I recieve info in messages, but also reach out with story ideas to people I know in the press with results that seem to move more than in the old days of writing into the paper. I would say that with social media, we are more apt to be a participatory citizen. And hiding behind logins such as #Angryman908 cloud the real conversation.

Have a look at the show. Do you comment with your real name or leave it to some anonymous moniker? See the full site info at cbc.ca.