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Pretty Man and the Social Clan

Tweetreach #trudeau report 24 hours after the win on April 15.

Tweetreach #trudeau report 24 hours after the win on April 15.

Now that the dust has settled from the coronation of Justin Trudeau as the new leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, it will be interesting if the Trudeau team can capitalize on the interest surrounding the new leader that is buzzing on social media. Like anyone ‘new’ they tend to steal the spotlight from others for a period of time. The honeymoon effect per se. Only this time Trudeau is leading a party in tatters, smarting from not even being the official opposition.

Trudeau went to twitter to than his fans/supporters after his win Sunday. “We did it. Just about to go on stage, but wanted to thank my volunteers for all that you’ve done. This is your victory. Thank you.”

With that, the rise of #trudeau and other hash tags took off.  Even 24hrs later, it was still going strong. Will Trudeau be able to capitalize on the social media buzz that was important to his win, and building a new base of supporter demographics? It will be interesting to see if he can.

As far as the federal Tories go, they still are not understanding what social media can do. Their latest attack ads on Trudeau show him at a Liver Foundation charity event doing a ‘striptease’. Seems someone there forgot to ask permission before wholesale lifting the video from the Huffington Post and editing it for broadcast ad air time. Tsk Tsk. Our federal government not following their own copyright laws?

The Conservative Party is also being hit hard on twitter because the attack ad video was as mentioned, an event that raised thousands of dollars for the Canadian Liver Foundation. In someways this is a attack ad good news story. People are now going on twitter to share the link for the CLF and to say how they donated to protest the ad.

Oh it’s gonna be a fun election seeing this mess sort itself out. protest harper tweet liver


Now go Donate. http://www.liver.ca/support-liver-foundation/donate/


Update: Rarely do charitable foundations, especially health related, weigh in on politics. Today however it was just too good an opportunity for the Liver Foundation folks not to capitalize. Good stuff.

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