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Apple Support: Sigh – Another Sears Situ

The following is a post from a friend of mine in Florida. It is with regard to the iPhone 5. As I have just recently bought a new 4s and declined signing up with my provider, and did not follow up in the following 30 days with Apple for the extended warranty, this might be of note to those of you who get a replacement.  Lesson: ensure you get a new replacement and not a refurbishment. You paid for a new one and should get a new replacement. That is what my vacumn manufacturer Dyson does. That is what I just experienced today with my Jawbone Up bracelet.

As this is something that I think more need to know about, it is something I think worthy of a share. Perhaps a post on Apple’s Facebook Page. However I don’t think the president of apple will phone to berate my friend for posting as Sears did. If you do share in a tweet, pls use the following tags: #apple #ios #iphone #support.

Apple Telephone Support iSucks!

I bought the iPhone 5 in November, had to exchange it because of a broken camera, and they gave me a “REFURBISHED” iPhone5 as a replacement… and the problems just start there… I notice my wifi reception sucks in comparison to other iDevices, but I can cope, since I’ve got LTE now. Then I got a mophie battery pack for my iPhone5 .. everyone tells me they’re great devices.. so I’m stoked!

I Get my mophie… attached it to my iPhone, and low and behold, the mophie begins to overheat, and the phone doesn’t recharge anywhere near capacity. I contact mophie and return the “faulty” device… get a second “BRAND NEW” mophie, and viola! Same Problem.

Now I attach the mophie to my wife’s phone. Hmm, works flawlessly.

Shit now I have 2 problems with this refurbished iPhone5.

So I contact Applecare support via telephone.

“Hello, we’d love to help you, but in order for me to help you, it’ll cost you $69 for extended Applecare coverage.”

“I’ll bite, what does Applecare coverage get me?”

“Telephone support.”

“Can telephone support fix my iPhone5 hardware problem?”

“We can diagnose your hardware problem over the phone, but no, we couldn’t repair your device.”

“If I walk into an Apple store and talk to a ‘genius’ will they be able to diagnose my problems, and fix it, for free?”


“Thanks for nothing” –CLICK.

Guess I’ll be making my way to the Apple Store tomorrow.

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