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Canada Senator Mike Duffy Cannot Hide from Social Media

If you are not from Canada, then excuse the following post – unless you want to see a leading G8 country not descend into non democratic principles. Some might say that we have already done this because of the scandal involving many senate members. Our Senate is not elected, but appointed. We like to think that they are folks who – if not able to stop legislation – are able to give us, the public, a better unde3rswtanding of the legislation at hand.

Seems a few of them, and I mean a few, namely those who are recently Conservative appointed members by PM Harper decided it was a pork barrel to derive their own cash cows out of. I am, like the rest of the voting public in Canada, outraged. However I wanted to see how this trails on twitter. This is what I have found.

Back story – read and be informed about government mismanagement.

A search – even a week after this broke – for the words ” senate scandal canada” returned:


seanate 1

So a search for mikeduffy – the biggest infracturer of this abomination of democarcy – also returns some telling thing.

seanate 1


Lesson? Well if you fuck up in the way these folks did with my tax money, then you deserved to be vilified. And social media has a way to spread that.



And with conviction.