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Commercial Listings on Kijiji


Having been asked a question about online property listings, I did a bit of research. Kijiji is becoming a place to list property for sale. Speaking specifically about commercial property, the trick is that the property listings are like other items, they are segmented by geography.

So how do you target prospective buyers outside of your community to get the widest reach? With an online service such as MLS, the buyers are going to go to that specific location to look at listings. With Kijiji, they are not as apt, as the way you find listings of items is geared towards where you are at by IP, or selection, rather than through a map based interface with pins of property for sale.

One way to do this is look for a larger centre near where you are. Assuming you are not in a main listing such as the city of Halifax, but a smaller location such as a small town such as Wolfville, look at listing on the larger listing space for Halifax.

The other solution is to list on a higher level – at the State or Provincial level. The idea is to reach as many as possible. Remember to include words which relate to the area you are listing in – in Kijiji. So you might reference the proximity to Halifax in the Halifax Kijiji listing, or mention that the property is in the Nova Scotia Valley region in the Nova Scotia Kijiji. You might want to also provide a link in the description to Google Street view as well.

As a final point – remember that photos make or break the listing. IF you can, get someone who knows photography or better yet hire a photographer who specializes in real estate photography.

Happy Selling.