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Falling Behind. Draper Style.

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I’m a big fan of the AMC series Mad Men. One thing that I draws me to it is the setting. The details and fashion are very well researched. If you have watched the entire series to date, you will notice changes to the set design and the characters fashion. Subtle yet very specific changes that reflected the changes over the years from the early to late 60s. The latest episode featured a colour TV as the Chicago Riots unfolded as a background story. Changes to wardrobe are even more specific. Just look at the length of Pete’s side burns or Harry’s embrace of colourful suits. Everything seems on target. Everything except one.

That one is the lead Don Draper. Even as he hits LA in the late 60s, his summer fashion hardly deviates from that in the early 60s. His continuance of dark blue suits. Thin ties. The fedora. Even his aversion and ignorance of what drugs may do to his perception seem stuck in 1961. This is not a fault of the series however.

This is to reflect that the character is not one for change. Not one to look at the opportunities put before him in the new age of advertising, nor to keep up with trends – highlighting his aversion for all things new.

If you are marketing for your organization, don’t be a Don Draper. Embrace the change and opportunities that digital marketing and advertising can bring you. Paid search, Facebook ads and pages, customer engagement, reach and targeted display are not about to go away. Relying on platforms such as newsprint, television and/or radio only and not utilizing at least 25% of your budget for digital marketing shows that you are not on the game. You are the Don Draper. The one refusing to accept new opportunities.

The analogy came to me as I saw Don in the midst of all the other Spencer Price and Partners in the latest episode. Those who embrace change flourish. Those who do not eventually become the one with the ideas that are no longer relevant.