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Hey Television. Why the Interupt?

I am sure that you are like me that you have a set amount or number of programs that you enjoy and watch live or from a record on television. I am constantly annoyed how after every commercial break that they recap the story til then.

When at the 45 or 55 minute mark it is almost unbearable to have to deal with when watching live – and the FF usually ends you up ahead of where you want to be.

Then it dawned on me. I came into a program on live which I was also recording. I got the recap right away with the last ten minutes to go. So yes this is a way to combat channel surfing and bring you up to date. But is it?

I watch the shows I want. I watch them live or in a recording and usually forget it is on my PVR and watch month of the commercials. FF through ads does NOT diminish those ads. I have seen them in full before, so its more like a newspaper where I IGNORE them unless they are relevant to me. Do I want a new car? Change my cat’s diet? Get some type of drug that will give me trucker fingers as a side effect? No. But I might stop for an ad I had not seen before. PVR is great. Those who make a living from making TV ads be not afraid.

As for those who make the shows. Enough with the updates. If the show has five minutes left and you have to tell me that the way a pencil is made or that Willy is going to be outfoxed by Jase again then I have to stop watching.

Good content does not need an update at the start of each chapter. Read some Steinbeck to figure that one out.