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The Up and the Down of 1863

Since leaving the agency I was at I am now online in a mobile form. This meaning that I am roaming the house with my laptop and not really tied to any one place. Sure I have an office, but that is more or less a bunker and one at this time of year I choose not to be in. So with laptop in hand and doing what I need to do to research, build, check, login – it is apparent to me that my house has the up on me.

My house was built in 1863 and is only a horse path from the two housed beside me. Such is the way it was in Halifax at that time. I chose to have a stack in the basement and the main DSL went upstairs to my office. That is not my current office however and is now my son’s room. Since changing everything over to Eastlink Cable (which I did because Bell or Bell Aliant’s service is from Upper Canada or possibly offshore considering the lack of ability to speak english or french) I have noticed a slow down.

This is actually co-incidental. When I did the switch, I also started just using the laptop around the house. This is where my house becomes my hinderence. And a good friend.

My basement is made of Halifax iron stone and is 3 feet thick. The drop is in the basement. The wireless is also there. So unless you above the basement which acks like a swimming pool and only directs the signal upwards, you cannot reach my wireless. Problem is, neither can i in my extended kitchen which is beyond the original basement. Nor in the back yard. Nor on the street until you cross the threshold.

Been hanging onto a booster for a while, but as usual, have not bothered to figure it out to boost the signal. Besides nothing like Halifax ironstone to kill a signal.

Good thing I wired my house up and down in 2000 with CAT5. Problem is, I didn’t do it for the kitchen or yard.

Smelling a project for the next week.