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Yesterday’s Tomorrow


Today I had the TV on while doing work at the home office. Tomorrow Never Dies which is a Bond film from back in 1997 was on. One thing that caught my eye was the Ericsson JB988 phone. Bond could control a BMW 750 amounst other things by opening it up sideways to reveal a touch pad.

While the screen was green and black pixels, it certainly was larger than those of the time and with the use of graphics, a touchable interface it sent two messages to me.

1. Leave it to Hollywood
OK maybe more like leave it to fiction writers. I am sure that the phone developers had something in mind like this phone, or even it was being used without the clam feature, but back in ’97 not too many of us gave much though about how the phone would become something even better than the Bond prop. It strikes me how far mobile technology has come in a relatively short period of time. Even the use of mobile technology in our daily lives was something that was for only a minority. I think I still had a pager and a non digital mobile back then.

2. Put on a Shirt*

How often do you use your phone. Before you answer – lets qualify that I am looking for how often you actual use your phone feature. Technology with respect to mobile has grown fast and it is now so much of our daily life that I liken the importance of it to a shirt. Let’s face it – it’s a hot summer and we might be at the beach without one, but for the most part you have to walk around in a shirt if you want to interact with clients, customers or even grab an iced mochachalota. I just can’t function as a professional without my mobile – which is not so much a phone but a small computer in the hand really.

*OK so maybe some days with the heat I am working from home without one.