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Evoking (the Wrong) Response with Facebook Ads

Once mighty Corel evoked some response by telling folks on Facebook that they should switch from Adobe CS to its photo editing software. Thing is, it wants to target users of Photoshop, but chooses instead to target all of the CS suite. This includes web production, video production and other non photo creative tools. The power of CS is the integration between the tools. I am not aware of anyone who owns just Photoshop unless they did not pay for it. Not making generalizations, but those who use photo editing tools like Photoshop also rely on other tools in the suite and the intgration of them in the day to day professional practice.

I especially like this response:


Not really sure of the thinking behind this ad – or sponsored link. I guess Corel has to bash the competition like 80s Pepsi and not stand on it’s own two feet with ad copy about the real reason I should switch. Oh wait there isn’t any.

BTW older designers will recognize that the name Paint Shop Pro was once a great contender when it was shareware and Photoshop was around version 3. It was also not a Corel product.

Here is the ad:

corel post

And the link to the rest of it: https://www.facebook.com/Corel/posts/10151680382607550