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“You Have an Internet Virus on Your Windows Computer!!”

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The call starts off with a slight pause. Then a thick Indian accent introduces the caller as John, Frank or some other generic North American name. Then it starts.

“I believe you have a problem with your Windows computer. You have a virus.” By gettting you to look at normal log files he identifies normal errors and tells you that you are in a bad spot and need help. Duh.

Really how gullable do these folks think I am. I should note that I am writing this blog on my Mac. Telling them that is not going to stop the calls. Hanging up is not going to stop the calls. You can expect the calls to be coming in for around a week. And pretty frequent I should add. I suspect they have a limit on the amount of times the number is hit by a robot calling system before it gives up.

You can expect to have fun, telling them that your computer has to turn on and then putting the phone by the radio and leaving it for a half hour. You can also expect to just tell them to pound sand which I did today as I do not have time for that. In any case do not – NOT – give out any information. What they want is to take over your computer to glean information such as banking etc from it. Alternatively they create great drama and tell you that your computer can only be fixed with a $250 payment through PayPal. Well you know where that goes.

One time I went into a whole diatribe on the chances that I got a fellow from India with a name like Charles. I asked him about the weather and if he knew where my mouse was as I could not find it. I asked him to use his computer system to check under my bed as I was to lazy to do that. Eventually he hung up.

Putting your phone number out there is not necessarily going to stop this either. The company must have purchased or somehow gotten a hold of a phone list, or then again just randomly dials til someone picks up.

Either way it can be frustrating or amusing – depending on your mood.

Oh those scammers.