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Microsoft Aquires Nokia [INFOGRAPHIC]

Microsoft is buying Nokia’s handset and services business.The $7.2 billion deal is the second largest for Microsoft (the largest being Skype). This helps the company focus on the exploding tablet and mobile market that Microsoft has been remiss until recently to take advantage of. The heavy income from the popular OS Windows has until now mainly driven revenues for the Seattle giant. Now it can do a larger battle with Google and Apple.

My first phone was a Nokia in 1994. My first computer was Windows 3.11 in the same year. Now I use an iPhone and a PowerMac. Both are due for an upgrade and this might bring me back. Perhaps. I have too much invested in software though at this point to do much more than window shop. Yes that is a pun.

The official Nokia blog - Nokia Conversations - posted an infographic on the two companies' shared history of innovation.

The official Nokia blog – Nokia Conversations – posted this infographic that compared the two corporate histories of innovation.