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Tim Hortons vs Players Cigarettes

1. Normal 'butt'.   2. A 'saved' smoke.

1. Normal ‘butt’. 2. A ‘saved’ smoke.

OK so here in my part of the world there is a large backlash against cups from coffee from Tim Hortons coffee ( no ‘ as they need to be in Quebec). They are everywhere. What to do to pick those up? Nothing! The question is what to do to stop the dumping in the first place. Well for me a smoke and a coffee is the hoar’s breakfast that I usually have.¬† I do not drink Timmies as we call it here, but have coffee from other places.

That aside, I do have a coffee and a smoke at the same time. What do I do with my butt? I get rid of all the paper and tobacco part and save the filter (a butt is what you have left over when you stub out the smoke) and drop it in a can.

There are two ends to a smoke:

  1. When I have a cigarette that I have smoked and crush it down which means crushing the tobacco matter, it smells of an ashtray but can be safely put in a space and will not smell too far.
  2. If I choose to save this smoke, I will pinch the end off. That will release and allow the beneze rings which have been¬† broken by the heat of the fire to expand and fill an area quickly. Put that ‘saved’ smoke on the counter in your kitchen and your whole house will smell like you have been smoking all day. Put the normal butt on the counter and it will smell only in the vacinity of the butt depending on the humidity.
Front of the cardboard wrapper and insert. Very ambiguous as to what this is about. Click to see larger.

Front of the cardboard wrapper and insert. Very ambiguous as to what this is about. Click to see larger.

Back of cardboard wrapper and the insert. Click to see larger.

Back of cardboard wrapper and the insert. Click to see larger.

Now today I had to go to the local corner store to get some items. When I was paying the owner told me to take one of these. The brown package piqued my intrest. There was a $0.20 price on it, but I did not have to pay which further piqued my curiosity. It was not a sell. I had it in my hand when the prorietier told me I could have it.

Putting in the bag of items, when I got home I realized what it was. It was a very smart idea. We are all tired of butts on the ground. That is why, as I said earlier, that I do not drop the filter on the ground.

Smokes and coffee.

Will I use this? I am not sure. I am a responsible person with my butts, but then again this might come in handy as when I have a half smoke it might stop the benzene release (I jest here).

The end of the day is that we have two major litter problems. Cups and Butts. It is nice to see that one company is trying without advertising and through effort to rectify this. This is certainly not going to get them more smokers. No. But it might keep some for a while longer.

It is interesting though, as it is not my brand. Kind of like putting a Pepsi in a Coke blue bag. And there is the plan. Get you to switch by thier concern over the environment.

Tim Hortons might learn from this. They are the main coffee outlet in Canada, But not for long. So unless they really come uyp with a plan to keep me with them, or maybe switch (which might include a better cup of joe) they will see increasing erosion of their market share.

Be true to your segment of the market, look for other ways to reach them if you have hurdles like the cigarette industry does. Some times good deeds will reward.

2 Responses to “Tim Hortons vs Players Cigarettes”

  1. Melissa C says:

    yeah, what does it take to get people to stop dropping their cups? maybe a reward for bringing cups back into a disposal unit in stores? I’ve heard of Terracycle before, they have programs for recycling/disposing of a number of items that aren’t easily recyclable such as single use coffee containers. it’s mainly meant for groups/business as they only accept large quantities of the items. i have a single server coffee machine and I don’t really like putting the used containers in the garbage, not to sound shallow and lazy, but the alternative takes too much time and makes too much mess.

  2. Jen says:

    You remind me of a list I once read “10 Ways to tell someone is an Old Hippy” … can’t remember them all (being an old hippy myself), but one was “They carry a film can to put their butts in, instead of littering”.

    I don’t drink Tim’s either, but I do bring my own cup instead of using the non-recyclable cups provided by the seller.

    Now, if we can just get rid of those plastic grocery bags ….