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LBW Change of Direction


wilburThe idea of Lack of a Better Word is to bring awareness to digital ideas, developments and extensions for current digital based platforms, social media products and ideas. Lately I have been thinking that how can I best serve you Рmy readership?

To post the latest change on Facebook such as how search is done, you will have no doubt have already seen that and gone through that. Other developments in terms of mobile or social or other digital aspects are now expedited to the blogs, podcasts or even to the traditional outlets.

So how do I look at the future of this blog

I will be more selective and more putting my opinion into those items, which pique my interest and are digitally, related. There is in this blog a vast repository from the past two and a half years for how to build things. Some of the older articles are not so relative. Some of the more recent are also not so also no so relative – such be the problem when trying to catalogued changes. I do not want to catalouge, I want to educate and inform.

Here are my main thoughts on change:

  • Originally I started this blog as a personal archive of resource
  • If you are not able to figure out page apps, then you don’t know Google and why should I feed competition?
  • Changes to platforms is more the norm – especially without notice. I used to rail against that, but think of the Adobe Cloud. You have the latest software ongoing no matter what. The future is cloud or unannounced upgrades. There will be no more launches with the Rolling Stones. If you don’t understand that, then I am afraid your an Millennial. Or a Boomer.
  • I think that just posting every day or so just to meet a monthly target of posts is dilution that value of what you folks want from me.
  • I am otherwise preoccupied in searching for full time employment (to be open and frank) so I don’t always have time for the blog. Though I do understand that running a blog such as this is advantageous to one seeking employment. I just have to spend more time on research and being up to speed folks.
  • My dog Wilbur requires more time with me as he insists on ‘chinnies’ – rubbing his chin. Now how can one deny that.

What I want to do here on Lack of a Better Word going forward is my diatribe on what I think is important in relation to the digital age, rather than product, solutions or strategy.

I welcome your response, but will continue to keep you informed of my thoughts on the digital landscape – especially when it comes to marketing.


BTW I write this as I listen to ELO on my Panasonic Technics (circa 1977) SL-1700 turntable. How good is that. Very. (ooooh I’m steppin out…..)