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Dear India Scam Call Center: “I have something in my diaper.”

It starts with the “Allo, my name is Mike (or Frank or John or some other anglo saxon name) from someone who is obviously from India. They want to confirm your name and that you have a computer. You know the drill. They really want to get into your Windows computer under the guise that there is a virus.

I have blogged before on this.

Now its time to do some payback, or as I call it – entertainment on a rainy day.

  • Step One: “I have to put you on hold bud – I have to find the person you want”
  • Step Two – find that fart machine or other hand held button gadget to make noise or comments.
  • Step Three – “Hello?…” The rest plays out below folks.

I was a bit pissed though that I could not find my sound effects gadget. Enjoy. BTW the aspect ratio is my fault, but it works on YouTube, but not here for some reason.

Hey BTW nothing against the Indian people, but it just seems that this shit is coming from there. Otherwise, its a great country. Course – we Canadians have our own version of this with spam calls etc. I just wanted to target this particular endevour.


6 Responses to “Dear India Scam Call Center: “I have something in my diaper.””

  1. Melissa C says:

    Nice! Almost makes me want to get one of those calls so I can mess with them. I’m surprised the guy stayed on as long as he did.

  2. Hal says:

    After years of no call, and always wanting one, one day a month ago my wife showed up at my office door with a call from “Windows support”! Needless to say, I was thrilled. I let him do his spiel, asked him how he could be receiving any error notifications from my computer, asked him what it meant when he said windows was corrupt, etc. He stammered and repreated some of the earlier spiel, so then I launched into about 15 minutes of “how do you sleep at night, you are evil” mixed with lots and lots of foul language. I explained how his kids would grow up hating their father for the evil that he did, how his name would go down in history the equal of Hitler’s, etc. It took me berating him for 15 minutes before he finally said, fuck you and hung up. Got another call a week later, repeated the performance, he hung up quietly shortly after I began ranting. But man was the first call fun!

  3. Dana Morin says:


  4. tina says:

    Lol! Reminds me of the prank tips I found at http://www.callercenter.com/articles/14waystoannoytelemarketers.html to annoy nuisance callers! This kind of approach is the best for me! :)

  5. You might enjoy what I did with one of these callers last night. Sadly I don’t have video of the experience, but I did manage to keep some of them on the line for 97 minutes yesterday, including giving them access to my “computer” (which was in reality a virtual machine with nothing important on it, so when they screwed it up all I had to do was delete it). If you’re interested in more details, see http://www.casaderobison.com/2013/10/05/messing-with-scammers/ where I recounted the story last night. It’s a little long but hopefully sufficiently amusing. Note: This is not spam (though why should you believe me) and I have no ads or other revenue stream on my blog. Not trying to increase hits, just share the story. :)

  6. textureweb says:

    Scott’s blog has some really great information on the reality of scams and spam – beyond my shenanigans with the call centers.