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Energize Me.

sony-walkmanIn my youth I was enthralled with the ability to take my music remotely – more than the portable tape recorders of my older siblings. I enthralled in the walking, bilking and just plain hanging out ability to listen to my cassettes. Indeed the Walkman from Sony changed my buying patterns – dropping being tied to the family turn table (which was a top drawer Techniques system) with vinyl and then having to make a copy of the album on tape – to directly accessing the music on tape. I have much more to say on this process, but what I want to talk about in this post is energy.

From 1983 to 1993 my cassette traveling music energy was sourced from AA batteries. From 1992 to 2003 my CD traveling music was powered by the same. From 1997 to 2008, so was my digital camera.

For all cases when my batteries died, I did something that I DO NOT RECOMMEND. I put them in a frying pan, or alternatively used a lighter to warm them up. What this did was excite the battery again and give some life back.

So presently my Mac Power Book has a fail with respect to it’s keyboard for a lot of characters and key buttons such as fn, shift, tab and the apple key. My solution to this is to use a Bluetooth keyboard. This is why I can use caps and am using it right now to type. The problem is, is that the batteries last about a week.

Now in the past when I first invested $30 for rechargeable batteries for my slim portable cassette player in 1994 (it had died and was pointless for my CD player in terms of their of use) I was ecstatic. However the time of use of those early rechargeables were short. In time I reverted to regular batteries and my process to recharge them with heat. It was cheaper on an interim basis and cash was not at hand.

In the past five years I have endevoured to ensure that my house has all batteries being rechargeable. That was until my kids got the XBox and the Will. For my astonishment but not surprise, the use of rechargeables is not only not recommended, but superfluous. The batteries in the controllers however last as long as those in a remote – about 8 to 9 months.

Bringing us back to the early experience with the Walkman and cameras (which worked out to one picture per battery for the one I bought in 1997 for $2000 and gave 1 MB resolution) my Bluetooth keyboard that works with my Mac, and is an Apple product and one should think of a high level of performance.

Well that is not the case. The Bluetooth keyboard eats through three batteries a week. Even if I remove them when not using the keyboard. And I did go back to my old solution of heating up the batteries. That did not appear to work. It did however remind me of past problems of battery regeneration with regular batteries which I have not used for at least 15 years. Ah how we reach to the past even to provide solutons to current digital solutions. Which is kind of like letting folks know that social media is not knew. Its just a form of digital reach for complaints and kudos or comments on friends thoughts or brands failings or successes which 10 years ago we would have not had the opportunity to do. Well yes we had the opportunity to do that, but it had to be very high in our response thoughts for us to take action (a call, email, letter post) as there was not the thing that socail media provides.

What does it provide? Immediacy. We can immediately like, pan, complain and bitch (yes more negative than positive actions happen than complacent positive ones such as a like) about something which we disagree with.

No lessons on strategy this time – I have covered the idea of engagement and strategy with respect to social media beforehand so use the search tool or keyword cloud.

I did not intend this to be a rant, but more of a thought on how sometimes even successful corporations do not learn about how historical frustrations do not resonate.

And no. The bluetooth keyboard does not work more than five minutes with a set of fully charged set of rechargeables.