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“The Only Reason I Used Crack was Because I was Drunk”

I want to share some coverage of the, as the American media calls him, The Crack Smoking Mayor of Toronto. Rob Ford is the Mayor of the fourth largest city in the US and Canada combined. Mayor Rob Ford thinks this is all fun and games, but this story lives on with the web. So here are four shots I wanted to share and then my ‘closer’. BTW most Canadians learned that this guy was an idiot long before this broke in the States. But you get what you get when you do not vote in your local elections.


1: Ron Styling:
This is one of the best uses of mixed messaging yet, utilizing Ford. Yes there are some clips like the next one from The Daily Show, but this one from Carrol, I mean Conan (you have to see the end to understand) mixes the ubiquity of the Ron Burgundy character to in a sense push the character’s owner (Will Ferrall) new movie and book with the character. This really fits. Oh and not a spoiler but don’t shut it off when he pauses for a breath. Genius.


2. If you are on this show then you have really screwed up:
A great commentary. What can I say, this one is a closer. Jon Stwart at The Daily Show nails it right. No wonder he has more viewers than the ‘serious’ news. We need more criticisms of politicians in this style rather than the object reporting in some cases. No matter what you think, unlike Fox News, The Daily Show is not above criticizing ANY party.


3. The Master of Canadian Linguistic Style:
Rex Murphy – this man has it right. Bringing the two items in our news together. The Rob Ford issue and the Senate Scandal in his opener. This commentator on the extremities of the languages within the society of this country of ours leans towards the internment of thoughts from within the cyclone of our collective thoughts. OK so that is my best parody of Rex’s talking style. A bit more serious, but Rex is just a joy to listen to as a treasure of lyrical flow.

The National #Fail

I also note that the channel for #CBCTheNational does NOT have a profile pick. C’mon – fix that CBC.


4. Rob Farley – oops I Mean Ford.
Rob Ford the Movie: A great mashup of music and clips that reflect the real time life of Rob Ford with Chris Farley. Note that the first minute shows Toronto City Hall which was used in a Chris Farley movie, though trying to be some abstract American city. I never got that. It is such a unique place, that now with Rob, everyone will say – Hey that is Toronto, not BigCity USA. A hurt for the film industry as another outcome from Mayor Ford? No just helping to make city shots relevant to story lines. Any case, its great. Especially the last audio clip used. Get help Ford.


‘The Closer’
So yes this brings us to where we are today. As a politician, you are no longer left to the late night shows, nightly news, or early day newsprint. When you make a mistake – this cannot blow over like the past as the advent of sharing video on video sites such as YouTube make it easier than ever to share. Share like I am here with an embed, or more importantly through the most popular social sites that YouTube enables you to is making it that much more like throwing gasoline on the cigar.

I should not have to tell people this, even those in politics, but if you are going to misbehave, then you cannot hide and hope it all goes away once a broadcast is over or the daily paper is in the birdcage.

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