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Ho Ho Geeky Ho (Sorry Nerds)

That old time of year is fast approaching. The nutty holiday season. Hanuka, Christmas, Kwanza and of course Festivus. I thought I might share some seasonal ideas for those techies in your life. Not all of these are tech related, other than they have that cool factor as defined by those who love all things with ones and zeros.

DIY Star Wars Snowflakes
What says Merry Christmas than a visit from old Darth? Or C3PO. I still remember the confusion brought on by the visit of Santa to the Star Wars universe in the 70s – Then again Han Solo must have been touched by Jesus or Abraham at some point as he yelled out “Then I will see you in Hell!” on Hoth. Hell? Hoth? Hmmm – the only non galactic error in the best of the series.


Minecraft Light-Up Torch
The latest in pixel bending light emitting diodes. Perfect for mining or late night romps to get some square sheep and pigs to eat.


Etsy Christmas Store
This is one lucky though seasonal store owner, having secured the Christmas name for their store on the ever popular Etsy store. Etsy – the Pinterest with sales angle.



MetalsDepotĀ® – Aluminum Pipe
I am very unhappy about the lack of empty corner lots that spring up each season with their shiny aluminum poles of disappointment. Alas, you will not be disappointed with your own from this place or your hardware or plumbing aisle.Ā  Forget festivuspoles.com – I see that as commercialization of this important season. Celebrate Festivus with the Rest of Us .Pole — 100% Aluminum Festivus Poles for a Festivus Miracle.


Oh That Lamp!
You know and love this lamp. It’s just for you. And yes you have to be over 40 to really appreciate it. But also a kindred spirit with spectagled young geeks everywhere. Ow! MY EYE!


The Tardis – USB StyleC’mon you know you love it! Now plug in your favourite police box – even though they really no longer exist in reality. Which begs the question – Why does Dr. Who not upgrade to an intergallactic iPhone or Galaxy. Not linked, because you can get it from many places, but just not the BBC from what I am finding. Of course you could always look to buy your own real – case that is for your own smart phone.