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Thoughts on Consumption

The season of consumption. The season of giving, The season to connect to your faith, The season to wish for snow.

The season to be pretty much feeds up with crowds. Before and after the 25th.

One thing I really wanted in 1974 was the Smash Up Derby Set. That was about the time that the mixture of marketing and selling and television came together. We now of course have so much more – radio, print and television abut also digital marketing for the season.



What makes it a month of buying before the 25th  and then a full week after of more buying? Simple. Marketing.

When I was young and the world was complicated and full of mechanical evil, it was simple. You got what you got on the 25th and then after your mum went down to the local stationary store and loaded up on wrapping paper for the next year.

This is the mid 70s to mid 80s I talk of.

Things in marketing do not degrade. Society does. Marketing merely reflects what the societal demand require.

Now we have so many avenues to market with. But we should remember that with the power of being a marketer we should make sure that what and how we sell products and services should be open and transparent.

Otherwise someone should just “set it and forget it”

Final point: Market, but be also aware or the impacts of that marketing.