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Google Doodle Nova Scotia Style

I want to share this story which is from CBC. Since not all of the readership might know about this, I thought it proper to showcase what is happening with our taleneted youth in Nova Scotia. What a great way to integrat art in the classroom with current use of technology – or rather the medium – which the students can relate to. Do not forget to vote. The link is in the story. Here is the story from CBC:


Four Nova Scotia students have made the semifinals in a contest by Google to design a new doodle with an idea for an invention.

David Isaiah Jeans of Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School in Yarmouth, Felicitas Vician of Bedford South School in Bedford, Lucy Wilkie of Horton High School in Wolfville and Sally Wilkie of Evangeline Middle School in New Minas have been chosen as semifinalists in the Doodle 4 Google Canada contest, launched in October.

To enter the contest, students had to submit ideas for an invention in the form of a Google doodle.

A Google doodle is when the company changes its logo to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, world events and the lives of artists, pioneers and scientists.

People can now vote for their favourite Google doogle. Voting ends at midnight on Feb. 14 and a semifinalist from each region will move on to the national finals.

The winner will be announced Feb. 25 and will receive a $10,000 scholarship, a $10,000 grant to their school and have their doodle featured for a day on the Google.ca homepage. The winning doodle will also be part of a special doodle exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum in March.

Here’s a look at the four Nova Scotia seminalists:

David Isaiah Jeans, Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School

“If I could invent anything, I would invent a machine that could reverse the aging process. An old person would go in one end and when they come out they would be young.”

David Isaiah Jeans

Felicitas Vician, Bedford South School

“For my Google doodle I was thinking of doing “life on Mars.” My most favourite planet is Mars. So I would like to do something special. My brother Michael taught me a lot about Mars and he told me that people from NASA are trying to get people to Mars, and that they are exploring Mars right now. I dedicate my Google doodle to my brother.”

Felicitas Vician

Lucy Wilkie, Horton High School

“My invention is reality reading; books that allow people to enter and temporarily live in the world of story. It would be so exciting to meet your favourite characters and take part in their adventures! What book would you choose?”

Lucy Wilkie

Sally Wilkie, Evangeline Middle School

“My invention is a large bridge crossing the Atlantic Ocean and connecting Canada and Europe. I chose this invention because it would be an efficient way for people without money to buy a plane ticket to travel and see the world.”

Sally Wilkie
This story is from CBC Nova Scotia and is repurposed here for editorial content reasons and is in no way used for financial compensation.
Source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/google-doodle-competition-features-4-nova-scotia-students-1.2532332