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Superbowl Memes #Winning

When you have a game like we saw last night with the apparent blowout by the Broncos, coupled with the over the top hype by the media of how they were going to win, you have to expect some memes on this.

Payton may be a great quarterback, but even my fav, Tom Brady can have a day where it just does not come together. Mostly I think in this case because of the over the top defense by the Seahawks.

I wonder what those animals such as the gorilla, donkey, goose, monkey and was it a puppy (?) which the media had all told the tale of their unbroken streak of picking a winner – in all cases the Broncos. Duh. Yep place your bets because of a mad monkey.

Lets start off with one I made towards the end of the game. The photo really spoke to me. And that is the key to a great meme – wit and a great photo. Not saying mine is great, but the photo screamed for something to be said.

The rest are ones I collected this morning on Facebook. I am sure these are to find thier way into the collective conciousness through Pinterest and other social forms in the following days. Sniff I miss the season already.