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Expanding the textureweb Universe

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I have a lot of things that I would like to comment and blog about, but sometimes it is just not worthy of  an article. Hence I have launched a Facebook page where I will post those items rather then keep them as a link in my desktop where they inevitably get sent to the trash.

I also want dialogue and others to share thier thoughts on digital marketing. A blog is not where someone will respond so much as a post in a page that they like. Oopps. There is a tip for free.

I will continue to provide deep insight to items I think I want to explore, but like a few posts in the past week, I need an outlet for more immediate comment, and also not to waste time with short posts on this blog.

For me, I think this will be a great way to segment.

Speaking of segmenting, I like to post items to my Facebook feed.  With twitter it is always about digital marketing, The same with LinkedIn. But with Facebook I want to keep that presence more about me as a person. And yes about my cat and my dogs and my family. This is not something that occurred to me lately, and is part of recommendations I tell those who want my services, but until this month I have been not able to expand those thoughts. Reason? Been between opportunities and have been looking for some new ones so anyone who has gone through the assistance cycle will understand.

As that assistance draws to a close, I have to ramp up my own thing. And ensure that what my thing is – is not a carpenters kitchen,

So Like or not my Facebook page. And I have recently put up my own site as well.

Links to follow. Film at eleven.

Thanks for the follow. More of my social contacts are on the about page. The link is up there folks.