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Get Back on the Horse – or on Track


It has been a very hectic period in my work life in the past four weeks, hence my lack of posts. I have been lately thinking about the need to provide more posts or updates, but this of course just gets me frustrated about not having the time to do so. Much of my free time has been taken up with more productive activities such as family life and the advent of spring. To this end I have tried not to let the lack of posts bother me.

Today I happened to serendipitously come across two videos by the infamous Ze Frank. Ze has narrated two very thoughtful videos about how other perceive us and also how we spend our time. Usually Ze’s work is very comedic. I recall his talk at the opening of an Adobe MAX conference back in 2008 or nine. Someone that if you get to see in person, you will benefit from. In the meantime take a moment to reflect on these videos. But remember, my advice is just me sharing the alternative path to a past experience that in hindsight I would have rather taken.

Next post sometime in May folks.