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Selling Plastic Gills with Triple Backdraught


Four very round rubber humps included.

I used to have a Volvo.  Twice. The first was a sedan and had the Canadian flag painted on the roof and the Scottish flag on the hood. The second was a wagon and was a real beater. Both were great cars, but the method I bought them back in the 90s was a lot different than today. Before the advent of the inter-webs I searched for a used vehicle the same way everyone else did. The classifieds. Now classifieds have moved online, but to be truely creative like this ad below, you need a bit more than a keyboard or a pen.

Downside? Your posting an ad where folks are not apt to see it.

Upside? A whole wack of people are going to see your ad (though still not buy it) if it is catchy enough and gets shared. Much like I am doing today here.

So get out there and unleash your inner Lucas and capture the moment. You never know how far your ad will travel.