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Creeps. Fundamentalist Creeps. On the Web. Egad!

I’m sure that there is a really good blog in this to go on and on about how this is just so fitting – fringe groups using the web to disseminate their message and then being exposed by the same medium – but I will just have to let this ridiculous ‘healthy living’ excuse speak for itself. Reading closer and further down the page, can you read the marketing slant here? Might want to call it brand protection or due diligence. Someone over at Monsanto might want to figure out how their name became associated with this trash.

fappy (2)

Go figure. Maybe he is a reformed Vatican rep.

¬†And this…





A typical post on Fappy’s wall. Most are very disturbing and have a sense of racism attached to it. Wonder if Monsanto actually knows its being associated with this freak.

Let’s ask Monsanto


Hey? What?