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Segmenting the Social Within Us [INFOGRAPHIC]

  I always likened twitter to a formal get together in your living room with your financial advisor and Facebook to the kitchen. I would add that for LinkedIn, think of it as a long running self made marketing plan for your future employer to peruse. As for Google+? Come on, do you ever check that account? Expert finder resource
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Mobile Metrics and Social Misreporting

A new white paper by Third Door Media and distributed by Adobe’s Digital Marketing has looked into the relationship of social media and mobile. When you are on your mobile, accessing an app is not the same experience as on the desktop. The newsfeed is different, pages are not as present and of course there is no advertising. For now. According
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How ‘Authorities’ Will Track You with C-30 [INFOGRAPHIC]

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2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

Social Media Examiner has released it’s fourth annual social media study – the 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report. Over 3800 marketers reveal where they focus their social media activities, how much time they invest and what the rewards are. Included in the report is:   What social networks marketers will focus on in the future The top 10 social
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10 Complimentary White Papers

1.) Pinterest – Learn how to increase traffic, leads and sales by reaching more than 11 million people The fastest-growing social media site ever has become a huge traffic referral (arguably, more powerful than Google+) for all businesses. An increasing number of companies are leveraging the platform to reach a new audience, increase visits to their websites, and generate leads
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Facebook Leaving Google+ in the Dust with Minutes Spent

Canada is #5 in terms of countries on Google+, but still the penetration is 2.46% of the population. A far cry behind Facebook. Now numbers are showing that overall, the largest type of users of the network is students – hovering around 20%. So does it still make sense to look at Google+ to help grow your brand? comScore is
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Ho Hum – It’s Doppelgänger Week Again

Doppelgänger Week has it’s origins on Facebook in 2010, when a fellow named Bob Patel, who was told he was strikingly familiar to Tom Selleck, declared Doppelgänger Week to be the first week of February. I think this might be more of a lore than a fact as being the first, as Mashable reported in 2009 that Coke Zero had a Facebook
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Consumers are Social Buyers

Market Research Gets Social [INFOGRAPHIC]

It is well known that marketing in the traditional sense of the word is on a stormy ocean these days thanks in part to social media. Over 90% trust peer recommendations and 70% trust opinions of other buyers. That can only mean that marketers will be looking ot include the social quotient into their research when reviewing a brand or
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Google Trims Policy Number from 60 to 1

  Here is a letter I received from Google announcing a change in policy. Some privacy advocates are concerned about the change. No word yet as to how it conforms (or doesn’t conform) to the PIPEDAct here in Canada. This may be the integration I was predicting earlier. I am seeing this just as Facebook knows my preferences and delivers
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