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Mobile Marketing. Get With It. [Infographic]

Look folks the idea of mobile as an advertising is ridiculous. I mean who uses a phone to shop. The only time I use a phone to shop is with the shopping channel. Or so goes the thinking of those who diss mobile marketing. I believe it is those who are afraid or do not understand newish (come on mobile
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Samsung Leads European Smartphone Market Ahead of Apple

One wonders if the ownership of the smartphone market by Apple is nigh. Like most that are first to the market with a platform that works, the company that does so usually owns the market for a while. Eventually though others follow suite with products and platforms that are superior and are usually are more open, cost effective and listen
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Made In Canada: BlackBerry 10 Uses Slate for Interface

The recent highly publicized launch of the new BlackBerry 10 smartphones has put Canada front and centre on the world stage, and even managed to generate an outpouring of national pride at home. And for Canadian graphic designers there is another component of the new phone that merits a little extra attention. The typeface used throughout the new BlackBerry interface
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Neato Entertainment Needs You. And You Need It.

Neato Entertainment is a Halifax based company television production aficionado  Michael-Andreas Kuttner, otherwise known in the fair city as M-A. Kuttner is a self described “Recovering TV producer. Interface designer, digital media strategist and these days, maker of Interactive TV.” Neato is in an alpha mode (my description) of a product which will be available for free for initially Android
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VOIP via Facebook in Canada Market

In 2011, Facebook launched its video calling services using Skype as its technology partner which allows one to one calling using a Skype Rest API. Now Facebook has chosen Canadian users to beta test a new mobile feature with VOIP (voice over internet protocol) that enables free calls over a wireless network rather than the  costly mobile data plans. Facebook’s
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Instagram uses a stylized version of the Brownie in it's app icon. Maybe the two circles in Flickr's logo were inspired by the Brownie as well.

Settle Down: Instagram Not to Use User Photos in Ads

  SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Instagram, the popular mobile photo-sharing service now owned by Facebook, said Tuesday that it will remove language from its new terms of service suggesting that users’ photos could appear in advertisements. The language in question had appeared in updated policies announced Monday and scheduled to take effect Jan. 16. After an outcry on social media
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Canada vs. Japan Mobile Market Share

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Canadian Cellular Towers Map

Ever wonder how many towers there are, or even how close the nearest one is to you? You have two ways thanks to Manitoban Steven Nikkel. The Canadian Cellular Towers Map is a great use of Google Maps but if you are in central Canada, then you may have to zoom in a ways to actually start seeing the map.
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iPhowners React to Bad Battery Life

Fed up with the decreasing battery life on my iPhone I asked a question to my friends on Facebook. Surprisingly there is quite a discontent for the closed,  costly and lower than expected quality that the iPhone is. If you are thinking of buying an iPhone for the cool factor, think again perhaps and look for your own uncool. They
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Fanatical Mobile OS Owners – Which are You?

  Android or iOS. Both have their fanatics. Which are you?