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Corporate Social Media Policy

Social media is in it’s best form social. That of course means it leans heavily on the individual. As such social media guidelines should be used as a guide and not a policy. This will allow people to participate in social media in a smart way by being educated rather than being told what they can or can not do.
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New Facebook Page Profile size

Facebook sent out this message to Page owners in the weekly page update. I usually ignore this email as it mostly is just stats that one can access in more depth from the page: Hi, On April 26, we will be updating the size of the profile picture on all Pages. We are letting you know about this small change
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Make a new tab with a native Facebook App

Note that in 2014, these app tabs have left the building. Facebook seems to want to frustrate the business and marketing sector every year or so. This is a good video to give you some over site.  This is a republished article that has had major changes to it because of the removal of profile pages for apps which was
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Page Design Explained at fMC 2012

Blais DiPersia, Product Designer at Facebook explains some of the nuances of Facebook’s design with regard to Pages with the new Timeline.

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Facebook Pages Timeline Migration Guide

On March 30, 2012 all Facebook pages will automatically get the new timeline design. Don’t Panic. There is time. First off, if you are having a good return on your page investment, carry on as usual. The addition of the timeline gives a few new items, takes some others away, but in general pulls together a lot of changes in
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Allocating Resources to Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

The following is reposted (with some modification) from SimpliFlying with permission. While this is mostly about the airline industry, it gives a good snapshot on how one market segment is allocating resources when it comes to social media spending efforts. I feel that the comparison of dedicated to integrated models is however not really a comparison, but a breakdown. Not
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Facebook Improves Photo Uploading

I am not sure when Facebook upgraded their photo album uploading tool as lately I have been just posting a photo here and there through my iPhone app. The weekend however gave me a chance to create a new album as I had some photos to upload from my son’s hockey tournament.   Here are some of the things that
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Posting a Link without an Ugly URL

All too often in Facebook I see posts as the following format.   There is wasted opportunity by posting in this manner and also the inclusion of the URL is just plain ugly. Facebook has not made it easy to figure out, but you can make this a lot better.  Not to mention I don’t even see the post title
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Did Facebook make Page Creators a Featured Owner by Default?

Are you an admin of a Facebook page? I manage a few, and all of them have other admins, however I am the one who set them up. I have noticed this week that I have become the featured admin on all of the pages I set up. I had to edit the pages so that I would not appear.
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