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HootSuite Partners with Adobe to Help Marketers Calculate Social Media ROI

[Being one who uses HootSuite and Adobe products. I thought it prudent, if even for my own historical interest, to post this press release. – textureweb] The integration between HootSuite™ Enterprise Social Media Management System and Adobe® Digital Marketing Suite connects social media messages to website conversions and stats; this integration brings social media practitioners the kind of measurement prevalent
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HTML5 versus Adobe Flash (infographic)

Last year Jobs had Apple positioning HTML5 as the new replacement for Adobe’s Flash. Since then the debate about the two has heated up with many developers backing either but rarely both. Flash based gaming developer Onemorelevel has developed the following infographic – already in itself causing some debate as to the apples to oranges comparison. An interesting point I
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Social and Search Marketing Synergies

Search marketing has proven its marketing worth by driving traffic, brand value and an audience ready to convert. Social media – encompassing news, bookmarking and knowledge sites such as Digg and Wikipedia as well as networking and sharing sites such as Facebook and YouTube – provides huge audiences, lots of brand conversations and an entirely new marketing frontier. There are
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