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Tablet Users Skew Older and Towards Upper Income Households

Today’s post comes directly from the comScore Data Mine. A free newsletter from metrics big wig comScore. “A demographic analysis of U.S. tablet users found that the heaviest audience concentration was between the ages of 25-44, accounting for 45.8 percent of users. Compared to smartphone owners, tablet users were 28 percent more likely to be in the 65 and older
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Don Draper’s Social Media Blitz

Trying to convince their clients that “everything ages fast,” Brazilian ad agency Moma mocked up some hilarious vintage 1960s-style ads for Facebook, YouTube, and Skype. (Including charmingly broken Brazilian English.) The ads are currently being published in Meio & Mensagem, a Brazilian newspaper. – Gawker Funny thing is, where is the Google+? Maybe it’s not so prevelant in Brazil as
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An Average Day on Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]

With more marketers looking to expand brand awareness on social platforms, Facebook seems like a good place to start. Indeed it has the capacity to deliver the eyeballs in a qualitative way more than any traditional manner. Not uprising is the increase in the average age over the two years from 2008 to 2010. Remembering that the media age of
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Millenials and Facebook.

An interesting rant from a young Australian about Friending on Facebook. Worth a watch for those who are targeting this demographic and get a bit of insight into the first digital kids as they enter their 20s.